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Default Re: JJ (13yrs) surgery this Sat- Our journey begins

Yes, it's ridiculously rapid, at least in our case.

I noticed a hump on my 11 yr olds lower spine. We had X-rays and scoliosis diagnosis the next day (December 2013).

We went from 3 curves (biggest 30 degrees): to 40, 30, 30 degrees in 5 months. Surgery is tentatively booked for Xmas when she is 12.

I'm also terrified. I was sweating in the surgeons office and having massive anxiety surges. A week later I've gained some perspective, even if I'm still waking at 5:00 AM with the shakes.

It will be fine. We just need to be strong and support these amazing kids who will make it through, hopefully with minimal effects.
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