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Default Re: advice for mum of 7yr DD

Oh poor thing - this must be hard being so far away from a specialist. I was diagnosed at 11 with a 38deg curve & wore a brace til I was 16 & surgery at 18 (I'm 29 now). I was always encouraged to do sport though as it strengthened the muscles. I had to quit gymnastics or anything that involved being super flexible but told to swim every chance I could & was big into netball & athletics. I'm obviously not a doctor but just from experience I can't see how sport could heavily impact her, especially short term until July. Considering early indications say she'll need a brace (and how far from a clinic you are), I would probably just wait for the specialist appointment. Just let her be a kid rather than thinking that she's different and limited. Having a brace is just like being the kid with the broken arm unless you make it a really big deal. Just my two cents though.
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