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Default Re: 6 Year old girl any advice on telling her whats going on

Hi Tanya

Had my daughter's specialist appointment today. I feel so fortunate - my daughter does not need any treatment at this stage, and according to the specialist, is unlikely to ever need it .
While we were in the waiting room, we met a delightful, cheeky 7 year old girl.
Miss A had had a curve of something like 38 degrees and in April had 3 hour surgery to staple her curve to lessen and try to maintain it during her growth period. She was having a check-up to make sure all was well and she could return to gymnastics and other physical activities.
Miss A took a photo of my daughter (hero worship?) but I can tell you, I wanted to take a photo of Miss A - she is a little trooper, and unless her parents had told me her story, I would never have known.
Miss A had a very well used bright pink tablet (computer thingy) that had obviously been a constant companion.
Miss A and her mum and dad were very calm, happy, joking and obviously happy with their decision.
I will remember Miss A when I am feeling aches or pains

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