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Default Re: 6 Year old girl any advice on telling her whats going on

Hi there, check out the Curvy Girls parent forum on facebook - there are lots of parents who have younger children with scoliosis and they are great for advice. Also the girls can look at - a fantastic web site and forum for girls with scoliosis. It is based in USA but now branching out worldwide. My daughter Louise is 11 and recently got her first brace. She has joined Curvy Girls and is now the Melbourne Leader to see if we can get a peer support group going for girls over here. Have a look, especially at the facebook forum. There are lots of us in the same situation and it's important to connect with as many people as possible. My daughter was diagnosed late last year and is now 10 days into brace wearing - she is up to her 23 hours a day which is great. She (and me) have had so much support from Curvy Girls. Stay strong and it will all be fine. Sarah
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