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Hi Marcia

Thank-you for coming to the forum.
My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis (minor at the moment) in February.
For as long as I can remember, she has come home from school with what appears to be bruising along her lower spine from sitting in the school chairs. We had discussed putting a cushion in a bag that hangs on the chair back - but that was deemed too difficult and uncool, especially now she is at high school and changing classrooms every lesson.
We love the idea of something wearable.
These are a few of our ideas/suggestions:
An undergarment would be best - then an existing wardrobe remains functional.
It should fit snugly to prevent chafing and help it be 'invisible'.
The main area of contact with chairs is the lower back (for my daughter at least).
Because we live in Queensland and it gets quite hot in summer, this needs to be taken into account for a summer version.
For those who have had surgery, their may be different requirements.
Best wishes with your assignment and congratulations on choosing something that can make a difference.
Feel free to ask more questions through the forum. I try to check it once a day.
Let us know on the forum when you have something we could try or buy. Happy to be 'guinea pig' and give feedback.

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