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Default Re: how to manage pain from scoliosis

Hi I'm also on endep I've been on them for two weeks I find they help me sleep so much better but I also get tired in the day and at about 5:30 6 I feel like going to bed and sleeping my doctor said they are also for pain but I haven't noticed a change in my self... I'm also in constant pain even while on targin I have physio which works for that day but then my pain returns the next day I have been told to exercise in the pool and I've been given exercises to do by physio but I haven't noticed any difference yet but hot baths help a lot and massages but like I said it only helps for that day I'm from Melbourne I haven't seen a specialist yet so I don't know if I can have surgery or not. I hope I've helped you... and endep is also a antidepressant too but I think it only works if you are on 50mg or higher I was scared to take them to after reading about it and I think I might go off them because I'm always tired but they could work differently for you.
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