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Default Re: Standing Crooked After Surgery

Hi Pina,

My daughter had surgery Nov 2011, and yes, I too was freaked out by her crooked stance after surgery. Previous she had great posture from years of dance, and everyone was surprised when she was diagonsed with scoliosis.

Our specialist advised walking everyday, we started off with 20 mins walking a day (in the beginning 2 x 10 minute walks a day), and gradually increased to 40 mins a day. This helps the body to realign itself. I am pleased to say that she now looks as straight as before her surgery.

It is so scary when you see your child crooked, but walking for her made a big difference to her posture. To start with they were very slow walks, but as her stamina improved the walking became faster and the route longer!

Hope this helps. Our children are stronger than we give them credit for, you daughter will be bouncing around again.

Cheers, Kay.
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