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Unhappy I need some advice and help

Hi I'm 29 years old, I just found out a few months ago I have Scoliosis and Khyposis. They say it's congenial, I'm not sure what my curvature is as yet. I've been referred to go and see a specialist but have not yet been contacted which is frustrating because I'm in so much pain. I can hardly walk do daily things or sleep. I was on panadine fort and voltarin rapid tablets which does nothing to easy my pain. I cry so much because of the pain my doctor has now given my Tramadol and I've reading up on it and the side effects and how it makes you tired and you can become dependent on it or addicted. I am now trying to push past the pain so I don't have to take Tramadol but the pain is becoming unbearable! What does everyone surggest I do I'm at my wits end and I'm at a loss I feel so alone and down.
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