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Default Re: Happy to answer any questions :)

Hey, I have been wondering and thinking if I should get the surgery for my 42 degree thoracic and 28 degree thoracolumbar curve. I get tolerable pain almost every day and if I'm lucky, around a couple of times per week. It hurts quite a lot if I'm travelling and walking all day, just a stinging pain down the lower part of my back which never leaves only if I lie down. I'm fifteen and turning sixteen in twelve days, and my next appointment is in six months time.

I heard that idiopathic scoliosis increases as you grow older by 1-3 degrees each year and I don't want to wait until my curve reaches 50 degrees to have surgery because I would rather suffer the pain now, when I'm still young. But anyway, that's besides the point but I wanted to know if you had pain before your surgery? And did it get a lot better after it? Or was it still the same? And can you do almost anything first six months post-op? Thank you!
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