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Hi! I’ve just joined the forum. I’m 71, S curve scoliosis since age 12 (in Adelaide), current thoracic Cobb angle 54 degrees, now deteriorating and with increasing back pain. I just missed Harrington rods (I was an exhibit later in the UK to students who were used to rods for my degree of curvature), but I had exhaustive physio as a teenager. Both my daughters have scoliosis (no-one told me it was genetic). One needed a Boston Brace, which halted the progression of her curvature. I have many stories about problems with various medical professions, and a few beefs that still bother me. For example, no-one ever asked me about Marfan, and the family clearly has Marfan body syndrome. And I am so sorry that the Orthopaedists have monopolised research - it’s such an exciting operation for them, no wonder they love it in teenagers and don’t give a damn about later years. I’ve tried the current physio/ chiropractic mob, but they seem to focus on prevention, and that is a long way too late for me.

I would love to hear other experiences about pain control. I cannot tolerate NSAIDs, which makes things difficult, but I do reasonably well with turmeric/blackpepper/ginger as the ‘natural’ alternative. I have a nice and affordable comfort brace (Ebay, from Latvia), and multiple hot water bottles. I take a fair bit of codeine, but have no trouble stopping it when I am over a pain episode (so far it has been episodic, longest episode 3 years). I have taken 100mg Tramal daily for 20 years, and it raises the threshold for difficult movements that result in pain (always hours later, which makes it hard to predict). I have tried 2 pain clinics, 30 years apart, including everything from low-dose psychiatric drugs to hypnotherapy. I would love to get advice about exercises that would strengthen my back but not cause pain, or anything else about pain control. I am also happy to correspond by email with anyone asking about my own experience.

Greetings to you all!
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