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Hi Kelly, if you are having pain the SI area, does this indicate that the broken rod is at L3/4? Can you advise. Trying to understand this more. My first surgery, I had 6mm rods and screws. After my breakages, I now have 8mm hardware. I understand at being astonished as to how easy they break. I live my life as normal as I can but I dont think that a day goes by when I think, 'what the hell are they going to do if they break again?' When my rods broke, I had extreme pain in the SI area, down both hips and right leg. My physio at the time (because we did not know it was broken - the break was behind a screw and could not be seen on film!) gave me an si joint belt to wear, but for obviouis reasons this did not help. I was taking two Endone and 2 Panadol Osteo and sleeping as flat as I could with no pillows at all. However any slight movement caused me to scream the place down. I am sure the patients in the waiting room (when having my nuclear bone scan done to identiofy the problem) though I was being murdered due to the screams of pain when trying to get off the bed!

What does your Surgeon say. Is he adapting a 'wait and see' approach or does he want to get back in there to fix it? The problem is tht they dont repair the rod - it has to come out and be replaced. I was quite hoping that they would just get a soldering iron and melt it back together again!

Kelly, I do hope that you get some answers real fast. I can honestly say that ' i know what you are going through and i do sympathise with you'. Take care and let us know how you get on, Best Wishes, RB
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