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Default Re: Thoracoplasty Surgery

Hi Matich

I had a stubborn rib hump after my fusion T4 to L1 and so a year later my surgeon performed a thoracoplasty (5 ribs) and the result was amazing. I'm very happy.

Have you asked your surgeon about the possibility of another operation? I would expect the same surgeon who did your fusion would be the best (as they would know your history etc.) to follow up with, if a thoracoplasty was an option for further correction.

Originally Posted by Matich View Post
Hi everyone,

Does anyone know of any surgeons based in Perth (or interstate if necessary) that perform a seperate thoracoplasty surgery?

I had surgery a few years ago, and am very happy with the correction, but my rib hump is still somewhat apparent.

I thought I would be alright with how it is, but it does affect me sometimes, and know I will regret it if I donít at least see what can be done. Havenít been able to find anything on google, and donít even know what type of surgeon would perform this, so if someone is able to point me in the right direction that would be great.

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