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Default Re: Surgery Nerves - any help is appreciated!

Hi Heather,

Maybe we do share the same surgeon! Oh that is not good about the beds, maybe I will just ask for heaps of pillows? I am having just the posterior approach from T4-L1. I will be flying home after the operation so that will be easier than a 20 hour car trip, if i did drive. I am just so comfortable right now and I am sleeping the whole night and I know the surgery will stop that and I am not ready for that! But I can't go on like this my whole life. Whenever I take off my brace, about 30 mins after I get back pain and even when I do wear it, I get some lower back pain. It is all very nerve-wracking! I just hope I will find it okay and not as bad as people say! That is all I am worried about. People tend to hype things up.
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