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Default Re: 1 1/2 weeks post op and doing great

Hi everyone,

I'm back home and recovering well. The flight home wasn't as bad as I had expected, it was a little uncomfortable but my pillow definitely helped. We have started decreasing my medication and my pain is remaining under control. Everyday I am able to do more for myself. I am able to shower on my own now, as long as I'm not washing my hair and I am able to get around the house pretty easily too.

I was also just wondering if post-op anyone has experienced slight cracking of their back. I used to be able to crack mine on command to relieve the pressure and never really worried about it. I am finding now though that when I log roll to stand up after lying down I crack a little in my upper back, kind of between my shoulder blades. I am just a little concerned if that's normal or not since people tend to say that they are unable to crack their backs after their spinal fusion. Maybe I am worrying a bit too much but I just thought I should see in anyone else has experienced the same thing.

Thanks again for all of the support and I will keep you all posted with my recovery

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