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Default 1 1/2 weeks post op and doing great

Hi all,

I had my posterior spinal fusion to fix a 70 degree curve last Thursday (9th of May) and I am now out of hospital and doing great. My mum and I are staying in a hotel in Melbourne since we live in Alice Springs, we head back home on the 25th of May so I am slowly building up my time sitting up so that I can cope with the 3 hour flight home. My pain medication is all sorted and we are slowly figuring out which chairs I can sit in for prolonged periods. If any teenagers or parents with children (I am 15) have any questions regarding the surgery I am happy to answer them either on the thread or through a private message. Thank you to everyone who I have communicated with on the forum, you all helped me prepare for the surgery and now that I'm on the mend if anyone has any other advice I will gladly take it.

Thanks again and all the best to others preparing for surgery
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