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Smile We're home!

Rach had her surgery on the 12th Oct and we came home yesterday. I think this was probably the longest week of our lives but everything went really well. She was fused T4-L3 and her 65 and 70 deg curves were corrected to about 10 degrees which is an excellent result. We were amazed when she finally stood up for the first time how much taller she is - 2 inches!! she is like a different person, so straight and tall (as tall as me now)
Her recovery was quite good although she had a few rough moments, mainly dealing with the pain, dizziness and nausea when she sat up - she vomited the first 2 days after having to get up for the physio. She was slow to start eating and still has very little appetite but we had to make her eat as it was starting to contribute to the nausea and also stopping the bowels from getting back to normal.
Fri and Sat were rough days, sleeping all the time and not comfortable but Sunday she had to have the catheter out and also decided that she wanted to get up so she could get home and made a dramatic improvement, had a shower and even did 2 laps of the ward.
Her main problem the last few days is pain in her ribs on the side that was shorter from her curvature, this is bothering her more than her back. All her muscles have been outn of place for so long that they are very sore adjusting to their new postion. The physio said this may continue for 3-5 days and high protein foods will help the muscles repair themselves.
Staff at the hospital were absolutely wonderful, the surgical team, nurses both in ICU and the ward and most of the physios (had one physio who was a bit insensitive and rough).
She had a wonderful anaethetist who really helped her and was great with us.
Any way its good to be home although rach has been a bit nervous adjusting to the new environment and was anxious about the car trip home which went ok except getting in and out of the car was a bit tricky.
Our other 2 daughters are staying at the grandparents until Sat which gives us a couple more days of quiet to settle in and restore some energy.
Thanks for all your good wishes and this forum has really helped in knowing what to expect and in coping with the recovery process.
xx Sonia
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