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Default Update- 7 Weeks Post-fusion today :)

Hello All,

I thought I'd post a 'post fusion update', as I know how helpful it was to read them in the lead-up to my daughter's surgery.

So Miss now-15 was diagnosed with AIS at age 13. At the time her curves were, from memory, 42 thoracic and 30-something lumbar.

At just over 14, we were told that, at some point, surgery would be inevitable (she was around 50 thoracic at that time). On the surgeon's advice of 'the sooner the better', she had her fusion November 2016 with a double curve of 53 thoracic and high-30s lumbar.

We are now 7 weeks post-op, and at her appt last week, was cleared to resume normal activity, as tolerated, but 'just be careful and listen to your body'. No contact sports (which, as a dancer, is of no consequence!).

She is doing really well- has been going for walks, shopping (around 2 hours) and since the surgeon's visit, has been swimming and for a short run. She still gets tired, but we're now weaning off the meds so that should slowly improve. She also lost a great deal of weight, so I'm on a mission to fatten her up!

Aesthetically, her back looks AMAZING. She is wonderfully straight, rib hump is gone, shoulders even, and now has two visible shoulder blades The early weeks were rough, I can't lie, but the result is SO worth it.

Best wishes to all!

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