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Hi Gilly,

I'm 6 years post op, had the surgery when I was 13.

I had to have a blood transfusion for mine, so maybe it is an iron thing and he lost a lot of blood? The best thing you can do really is tend to Keegan as much as possible. I know it was hard for my mother to watch me endure the surgery and recovery, but my family looked after me and it's good he has you. Pretty much be a tower of strength for him because it's likely he really needs it.

I wonder what the doctor would say, especially in regards to being grey - perhaps he will need some nutrition changes specifically with lots of iron for a short time. Not sure though because after my transfusion I improved a lot.

As for school, this will take a while to return to normally... Things like carrying books, etc, are off the table! If possible, lockers, special attention such as being permitted to carry less or get some sort of helper. He cannot possibly go to school and carry all of it! It look me a few months to return to school, I think about 4.
He will miss out on a lot but it's nothing he cannot catch up on honestly, if he's not away for more than 6 months it won't be that terrible. There's always tutoring and self-study. I'm sure his friends will be able to update him.

With the recovery, try get him to a physiologist to strengthen his back or even swimming. It's a long way down the track for exercise but it will help.

Best wishes!
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