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Hi there. We are now 4 weeks post op.

We had a bit of a set back with Keegan getting an infection, (it wasn't in his wound site which is looking fantastic). He was re admitted back into hospital with an infection in one of the valves going to his heart so he had lots of tests and ended up spending another 5 days in which was quite frustrating all round.

He is off the medication now, maybe taking a Tramadol every now and then and I have finally got him going for short walks along the coast path, his skin colour is still very grey and ashen and I have also wondered if he was lacking in iron? We are due to see the specialist on the 1st May with a visit to our GP beforehand. It will be interesting to see what they have to say.

I think school is still not on the cards yet and this is worrying Keegan as he is concerned at how much he may be missing out on. This is the least of my concerns just now. I'm just finding it very hard to motivate him as I know that this is the only way he will get better!
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