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Hi Gilly,
I found the first 6 weeks were very slow for us. My daughter was anaemic and hence very tired post operatively and she needed to go on iron supplements to assist her red blood cell production. The tiredness was the biggest issue. Pain was generally well controlled and she gradually weaned off all medications by 3 weeks post op (oxycontin, lyrica), then just took panadol now and then.
She could only do very short little walks and each week or so we would set another goal such as walking down the driveway and back or around the back yard. Gradually this increased as her energy improved.
She is now almost 6 months post op, she had T4 to L3 fusion, and I am so pleased to say that she is just great. She is back to normal school and life and she feels great and looks great, she has not pain apart from infrequent pain in her shoulder blade which doesn't seem to last too long.
Hoping at the 6 month review, surgeon will clear her for light jogging.
Hang in there, the early days are the worst.
Good luck.
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