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Default Re: Boston or Spincor for 6 year old

Hi Tes, Its a shock - but it isn't the end of the world. My daughter Darcy is now almost 11 and has worn a hard brace since before she was 2 years old. She rides horses, hip hop dances, runs, rides a ripstik - whatever she darn well pleases actually! Mostly in her brace. She takes the brace off for hip hop class - but rides in it. She runs around at school in her brace. From my experience - and thats almost 10 years in this journey - is that the Spinecor braces are mostly suitable for the types of scoliosis that older - mostly girls have. And even then - I have friends whose daughter was in a hard brace - Gomez - like Darcy is. I don't believe you necessarily need a second opinion if you are confident of your Paediatric Orthopaedic surgeon. As for Australia being behind - from my experience - I don't believe that our services are second rate. You as a parent need to make sure you keep as informed as possible. There are many reasons different bracing systems are affixed with either front or back opening - mostly due to the types of forces which the orthotist is trying to apply to the different curves. The bracing of a curve is a complex physical process of forces and angles. Anyway - my daughter - whilst not at all keen on her brace has always accepted it as part of what we do. She has her moments - of tears etc, but it doesn't hold her back - well it does literally!!! But emotionally and capability wise - it does not! Good luck.
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