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Default Re: Surgery booked January

We've booked into a pediatric physio and dietitian to build up our kid's condition. I'm a tad annoyed because when we saw the ortho surgeon 5 months ago he said there was no point in seeing a physio and her weight was fine. Now he thinks she's thin and wants more condition on her. Might've been nice to hear this earlier, especially as I raised our kid's weight at the first appointment.

I do feel the health system isn't as coordinated as it could be, even if you have private cover. Our GP was a tad nonplussed and the first physio we saw had little idea about scoliosis.

Now we've found a good physio I feel a lot more confident, even if it's to help with surgery aftercare. I also suspect surgery will be earlier than December as the ortho nurse rang today and mentioned surgery might be earlier.
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