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Default Re: Surgery booked January

Hi DeeElle,
Really feeling for you, it's a very hard time!
I am in perth but happy to chat with you anytime.
Our case is slightly different and it wasn't diagnosed until curve over 50. The waiting period for surgery in our one operating theatre town ( for this surgery anyway) was 18 months to 2 years so we went to Melbourne. Saw spinal surgeons in both places and made a very easy decision in the end.
I hope you will consider consulting more than one surgeon. This is common practice and it does not show a lack of faith in your surgeon, it is just smart.
The kids really are amazing and I'm sure your daughter will rise to the challange also.
My son was 15 , scar was a non issue for him. Down the back so easily covered, but I think it is a good reminder that they can get through major hurdles in life!
Mesomorphic body type more predisposed to scoliosis I think, (tall and thin), my son was 180cm and 52 kg approx. try to build up quads with squats , that's all they use postop, he had very weak legs and knees.
Send me private message if you want to chat more,
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