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hi lucy
i just registered because i also have a scoliosis that used to be a 56 degree curvature and rotation ...

i was told by a number of different surgeons in australia that surgery is necessary in my situation though a guarantee to live a pain-free and more active life could not be given and a longterm prognosis as to how my fused vertebrae's would cope in 10 or 20 years where shrugged off with a ... well we can not predict the future. so i did what i thought was my only option and coped with the pain kept fit and did yoga, swimming and use pain medications prescribed by my gp ...

i have had 3 babies age 23, 7 and 5 ...

i just had a new x-ray taken ... my curvature has now increased to 88 degrees and my last conversation with a scoliosis specialist told me that pregnancy probably contributed to my increase in my curvature. no one ever told me that pregnancy could make my spine worse and i am still amazed how little information i have been able to find for people in my situation.

i am now looking into the schroth method and the specialist clinic in england to continue to deal with my disability, pain as a result of my scoliosis without surgery as i feel very insecure about the procedures and successes. i also just learnt that research is moving towards being able to repair spinal damage through new technology such a 3D printing.

good luck to you and make sure you become your own scoliosis specialist as nobody knows your body better then you do yourself ... trust your gut instinct rather than go along with the often mal-informed specialists and surgeons

kind regards
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