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Hello everyone,
After recently having an orthopaedic consult for the first time a few months ago, the recommendation for surgery was made and at 32 years of age with a 56 degree curve apex at t10, today I attended the initial consultation to commence the schroth method to try and minimise pain, appearance of rib hump and see whether this will help delay surgery until after another child...(hopefully no.3).
I was so overwhelmed by the instructors knowledge of scoliosis that in the short space of my first appointment she had me enlongating my spine and neck and giving me the information to full understand rotation correctiveness, that to my surprise when I left the appointment, having started the consult with burning neck pain, I left with no neck pain.
With the orthopaedic surgeon saying that he would not recommend schroth I was a little hesitant about it, but this is the first time someone has actually fully explained the rotation, curve measurements, wedging and so on to me.
I start an intensive program in one week of 3 hours per week over 3 weeks to correct posture and hopefully minimise some major pain areas and try and flatten the rib hump to some extent.
With the full understanding that I do not expect schroth to correct my severe scoliosis, I am enlightened with the very real possibility that this could help me get through the next few years whilst my children (3.5 and 15 months ) are too young for me to undergo surgery without the necessary family support that will be required - hopefully with better posture and appearance and most of all stabilization of the curve and less PAIN
I was sure I was 176cm tall however today measured 174! And my arm span was 183cm- this could have potentially been my height if it weren't for damn scoliosis!
I am after feedback from anyone who has done the schroth course and what their results were or from those that have any opinions about the method.
I am fully aware that this is not going to improve my degree of curve but will hopefully improve my quality of life and delay surgery for at least a few years.
Surgery is a given and am very nervous at the thought of having a date in the future but also wish I could do it tomorrow...
I think that this method has already given me a more positive frame of mind but eager to here what you all think.....
Thanks for reading ....
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