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Default Re: 12 year old having surgery in Jan

Thankyou everyone for your warm wishes.
Victoria is finally home and taking OxyContin for pain relief, as well as Nurofen liquid. At least now she is able to sleep through the night.
We were all very impressed with the Surgeon who did a fantastic job, if anyone would like to know his name please feel free to send private messages, as we cannot list them here. It has been a very rough road for us all, through no fault of our own. For others who are considering Scoliosis surgery I am more than happy to offer help or advice, as we all face the unknown and rely heavily on Doctors decisions, which as we have found can be very stressful.
The next few weeks will be hard for Victoria and her pain, but in time she will hopefully thank us for doing the Best we could.
Victoria gave the Surgeon a card which she wrote, thanks for fixing my back, you have changed my Life. ! He had a tear in his eye. Thankyou, Vics Dad. Brett
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