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I finished my course of Schroth method through Scoliosis SOS in London. Actually they use a method called ScolioGold because it merges all the best techniques into one comprehensive, amazing physiotherapy program.

I was already in London so travel was not an obstacle for me. I booked 5 months in advance and then attended the course from end of Nov 2012 - mid Dec 2012 for 4 weeks, 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. You need that intense period to get stuck into the routine and learn every exercise so that you can leave with a sound knowledge of all aspects of scoliosis (the course includes a great educational stream that was very valuable in teaching me about my muscles and about why they were affected so much).

My curves were both about 42 degrees each before the course and I haven't been to the orthopaedic specialists since my return to be measured, but I feel and look much better than before, maintain posture, am stronger, have built up core muscles so my back muscles don't have to work as hard.

It is important to continue the exercises after leaving the course, buy the equipment when you get home and stick to the routine because otherwise your body will go back to before.

There were people of all ages and fitness in my course. The youngest was a 13 y.o girl from Taiwan who completed the course in conjunction with wearing a brace and the oldest was a 50 y.o woman. There was a 25 y.o lady Singapore lady who had a failed surgery and a lady who had organised a benefit for herself to fund her trip and the course fees. We all completed the course together, you can go at your own pace, but everyone learns the same techniques and the levels of technique are suited to each person.

We all got photos taken before and after, a range of tests to show improvement (lung capacity, contour lines to show highs and lows in the back, height and weight...). It was a really open environment where everyone felt secure and could open up and talk about our personal stories at lunchtime and breaks.

It's not easy. But you work up muscle strength and then the routine becomes easy to maintain. I loved it and was really excited every single day.

I cannot highly recommend enough - for everyone!!
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