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Default Re: Concerned Nantobe

Congratulations on pregnancy. In regard to carrying full term I managed to do that both times without trouble (one even decided to stay an extra 3 weeks). But especiallly the second time I had a lot of back and hip pain. Lying down to sleep was worse, so I used a body pillow to take pressure of hips. With knowledge I have now I would have had a more regimented exercise program - which could have helped to reduce the pain and make scoliosis management after pregnancy a lot easier. I recommend contentrating on core strength particularly PF and abs and I would include a lot of swimming. Yoaga for pregnancy would be ideal. Giving birth was easiest leaning forward over bean bag, as it took pressure off back. My doctor did not like idea of using epidural for pain relief. I would also recommend to not carry baby around too much. Hope everything goes well!
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