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Default Re: Concerned Nantobe

Hi, I have three kiddies. My scoliosis has never given me a days trouble. The first two were born with the epidural, but by the third one's arrival the dr tried 4 times to get the needle in my back and he said in the end he cannot get it in without paralysing me for life so had to go withou that then...and the birth was fine. By the way, i havent been checked for 22 years so have no idea how 'bad' my back is. I know it looks terrible and might have gotten worse, but have no pain or any other problems from it. 22 years ago the thoracic curve was between 40 and 50 degrees. That's all i can remember. Over the last few years it looks slightly more obvious and i was wondering if it is just because of the extra 10kg i've picked up over the years and more fat on my back?. I'm 39.
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