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Default Re: Marfans post scoli operation

Thank you for your enquiry and I wish it were possible to give you precise answers to the questions you have posed.

First, from the information you have provided your daughter's curve behaved very aggressively with major progression in the course of one year. Scoliosis in Marfan syndrome is far less predictable than it is with idiopathic curvature. Further, it is also well recognized that back pain is often a feature in patients with Marfan syndrome who are developing curves.

From the figures that you have provided, a good correction has been obtained.

According to what was carried out at surgery, at least with idiopathic curvatures, there is no set routine of post-operative x-rays. The Dr Scoliosis on duty used to see patients in clinical follow-up at six weeks and again at six months post-surgery when x-rays were taken. Standing x-rays were also taken before the patient left hospital. This must have occurred in your daughter since you have quoted the post-operative measurements.

All scoliosis units have their individual routines. Many clinics have pre-operative photographs made and you should enquire whether these were done as this will give you a more valid basis for comparison with the present status and your concerns that your daughter's posture has changed adversely.

It would be perfectly reasonable for you to write to your surgeon detailing your concerns and request an early appointment for clarification. If you are having difficulty in obtaining the information you seek, your family doctor could write on your behalf.

Of course, the management of spinal deformity in Marfan syndrome may be affected by other manifestations of the underlying problem.

I trust this information is helpful.

Dr Scoliosis