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Default Re: Pregnant 3 years post fusion T4-T12


Had my baby boy on 23 April - 4.1 kg, 52cm. He's very healthy and doing well.
I had a 'back labour' - he was turned posterior (then turned for normal delivery at the last minute) so it was quite painful but a normal delivery.

My last month of pregnancy or so was quite annoying with the amount of pelvic pain and lower back pain but I attribute it to the size of the baby etc. Nearly two weeks on now and still have some lower back ache but I hear that's normal while the joints and ligaments recover. Having some problems in the neck area due to breastfeeding so will be buying an insanely expensive pillow
- again he's a heavy baby to have to hold all the time with one arm!

Pain relief - can't really help with any info on that as I used 2 panadol tablets only.
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