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Default Pregnant 3 years post spinal fusion T4-T12

When I was planning on getting pregnant I couldn't find any information on other with similar spine surgeries to mine giving their accounts so here's my story:

-I went from 56deg (thoracic) to about 30 (same as at first diagnosis at 12yo)
-Posterior fusion T4-T12 in Nov 2005
-normal recovery with lumbar mostly correcting itself within a few months
-iron deficiency later diagnosed possibly related
-no complications, minimal physiotherapy as upkeep

I am now 38weeks pregnant and have only just started to have lower back and pelvic discomforts which as far as I can tell are all normal and unrelated to my scoliosis.

The only impact my surgery has had is limiting my movements more drastically/earlier than in a normal pregnancy with regards to bending forward (baby doesn't let the lumbar back move much!).

I did speak to an anaesthesiologist who informed me that:
-epidurals can be patchy
-epidurals have a higher chance of being patchy in people with some scar tissue near the injection site (this is unpredictable and can be spread far or not at all from your surgery site and even occurs in 'normal' people with no history of surgeries)
-for an emergency C-section a spinal block is done higher up and is more potent (if possible this is what I will aim for)
-you may have to bend forward to allow the needle to be put in accurately and this is where your flexibility comes in

I will check back later if there is anything interesting to add after birth.

Good luck to anyone going through anything similar - don't let horror stories of any kind ruin your experience.
(From my research, American doctors seem reluctant to let women attempt natural labours with any level of fusion present!)

Please feel free to add your individual comments/questions or write your own story.
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