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Default Re: Low back pain 25 years post surgery and which vertebrae would be fused ?

Hi there

Your description of your back sounds very similar to most of us here.

I have lots of post-surgery discomfort (2 x surgeries 2011 and 2012 fused T4-L1) and always find strengthening and stretching works the best to alleviate pain. My lower back is pretty gnarly and it has to work really hard to support the upper body so keeping the lower region strong is really important. Mind you, I am finding exercise harder and harder to do when all of my other bones are getting weaker with age

My pelvis is in a different position after fusion. And yep about the foreign body; I feel like I have a concrete slab in my back that is always tight.

I stay clear of meds usually, but sometimes after really big days I tak a Valium. It helps my body soften to sleep and sometimes I take Panadol.

It might be a good idea to see your GP and get an updated referral to see your surgeon for a review. Maybe have a look at what you have been doing differently lately i.e. work/lifting/sitting too long etc. or anything that may be causing a bit of strain to your back.

Re the fusion around the rods; that's a good question. I've always presumed it fuses in between the vertebrae where the surgeon packs the graft material (and not around the rods) but would be worth Googling that one.

And poo to your physio terrorist for saying you have a duck's bum!
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