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The Phenix system, like other magnetic spinal rods, is in the trial phase. It has been used in Melbourne for about 4 years.

It takes several years of use to be sure if they are as good or better than the older growing rod systems. Therefore, they are used in a few centres initially. They might be used on children who have other problems with their health. In those children, the risk of using a new system is outweighed by the advantage of not having to do repeated lengthenings in the operating theatre.

Magnetic growing rods work by using two magnets. One is an external (hand-held) magnet. The other is within the rod and is connected to a telescopic motor. The external magnet is passed over the skin, above the magnet in the rod. The internal magnet then moves, driving the telescope to lengthen.

With the Phenix system, the parents are given the magnet and can lengthen as often as daily.

With another type, the MAGEC, the external magnet is computer-controlled and lengthenings need to be done in the doctor's rooms. Therefore, these tend to be less frequent, such as monthly.

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