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Hi Dr S

Thanks for your reply. So, would it be fair to say the phenix rod is still being trialled? The only thing Ive read is a newspaper article from last October, that was sent to me. I believe that was the first phenix rod surgery in Australia? But I could be wrong? It is very exciting for families, who dont have to go through growing rod procedure. As we have just had 4th surgery (3rd lengthening) and with Risser 0 a few more to come? The infection, is still present, even though it didnt come through in lengthening scar? It was still present in surgery. Yes the growing rods are a "challenge, for the whole family" but to be 24 degrees from 59 thats gold!!! And we have never looked back.
I would like to know how the magnets work? As from the Article I read, they were grown everyday from parents remote??

Thanks for your time