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Hi Kay
Jake is doing really well, he's off all pain relief and walking heaps, went for a 4k walk down the beach the other day with no problems. He can't sit on hard chairs for too long though, so he's not ready to go back to school yet, we will leave that until next term. Had a follow up appt Monday and all is good, they took the plaster off and his scar looks great, very neat. We don't know the improvement officially yet, he has further xrays for that at the end of October. They keep an eye on the top curve now, hopefully it does what it's supposed to! He loves his xray that shows the rod & screws, I'm trying to organise an image of it as he wants to get it onto Facebook ha ha.
As for getting bored, I think he's actually getting used to this life of leisure, so I'm going to organise some schoolwork for him next week!
Feel free to contact me by PM if you want to ask about anything, or want to see 'before & after' photos.
Hope you and your daughter are doing okay.
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