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Hi all
I'll try and give a brief summary of our past week. Last Tuesday Jake had anterior spinal fusion surgery and is now fused T11-L2. His surgery lasted 4.5 hours, with all going to plan. He stayed in the Critical Care Unit until they could remove his chest drain, which was Thursday lunch time. They had him stand up and take a few steps on day 1 which went okay, a bit dizzy and nauseous. His pain was managed well the whole time, he never complained of severe pain, and hasn't since. Day 2 he was transferred to the ward and it was a relief to have all the tubes, catheter etc out, this was however his down day, he barely said a word, and getting up was even worse that day, which apparently is quite common, I knew things were bad when he let me help him to the toilet and didnít even care! Day 3 he showered and dressed and was feeling heaps better. Went for a long walk through the hospital and had a few visitors. Day 4 even better, had friends visit, got a bit carried away showing off though and paid the price that night . Day 5 (Sunday) he came home, the 30 minute drive was a bit tough but not too bad. His appetite is starting to return, he lost 4kgs and gained 2cm so at 6ft and only weighing 52kgs we need to feed him up on some donuts I think! Painís not too bad, heís only taking 2 Endone a day at the moment. Heís been home 2 days and heís bored already, itís going to be a long 6 weeks for him, thank goodness for technology though, nothing better to do than play on the xbox, ipod etc.
All in all the whole experience has been amazing, everyone's right when they say the waiting is the worst, but itís been better than we could ever have imaged and weíre all so glad the worst part is over. His spine looks good, he still looks uneven when he stands but apparently the muscular stuff takes a while to adjust to his straight spine. The surgeon is amazing and the hospital was fantastic, itís a shame I canít name them cause I feel so grateful to them.
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