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Default Re: Does anyone know about Scroth Method for Scoliosis?

I am right there with you regarding the second and third opinions, really the more knowledge you can gain regarding your spine the better. It's reassuring to hear that you have an upcoming appointment. I hope the appointment goes as well as possible, don't forget to update and let us know how it all goes.

It might be an idea to ask at your appointment if he / she can advise of a specialist's to obtain a second opinion from. Because my case is so sever the first surgeon I saw took my case to another hospitals spinal department meeting to be reviewed and gain further input. Maybe this is something your specialist can do for you.

Sometimes it takes a while for people to jump in with answers on the forum (my guess is people are infrequent visitors), so don't be put off by not getting many responses yet. I am sure some of the more experienced members will have some input on specialists.

Did you have a look at the link?
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