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Default Changes post surgery

hi everyone, I haven't been on here for a while so I hope you are all ok and travelling well. my daughter had t4 -12 spinal fusion 3 years ago for a 63 degree right thoracic curve. the curve was reduced to about 21 degrees but now three years later it sits at about 28 degrees. what concerns me more than this is that her rib hump which went down by 6 degrees after surgery has now increased in size ( evident on X-ray too). her shoulder blade is now more prominent than it was post surgery too. our surgeon checked her out in March this year and was not overly concerned and said that nothing should keep changing now she should have stopped growing but I notice more prominence even since March and she now has fairly constant pain ( she did not have pain for 2 years post surgery ). has anyone else had any experiences like this? If anyone has I'd like to know if things stabilised or just kept getting worse. thanks

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