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Default Re: Major change after wearing brace

So sorry to hear that your daughters upper curve progressed. We have a boy who was diagnosed around August 2013. We sought immediate help via a private specialist as the public system we gave up waiting, still no appointment. We also had a TLSO brace and the curve was 38 degrees lumbar and were told the thoracic was around 28. We thought everything was going fine, we actually thought his back looked much improved and his chiro who sees him regularly also thought his spine looked far better than prior to bracing. I must admit our chiro was against the bracing and has totally changed his opinion after seeing the difference it has made. At the 6 month check up with the specialist we got told the upper curve is now the same as the lumbar curve, has increased by 10 degrees. We were also told he needed another brace but a different type the rigo cheneau. He had outgrown it in 6 months plus he apparently needed a different type. We were extremely disappointed as you know the children really go through a great deal of discomfort and emotional trauma then to be told it is worse. We were very disheartened and confused and I totally understand everything you are feeling. We decided as a family to go with another brace, our fear is what if we did nothing and the curvatures became far worse? Our son we have been told has at least another 2 - 3 years of growing to do according to the xrays and the growth plates. He is almost 15. Not exactly what any boy or parent wants to hear but what do you do? Unfortunately we have no control over what the spine will do, we can only try our best to avoid surgery. If your daughter is 11, I would assume she also has a similar growth period of 2 - 3 years left so I would definitely look at all possibilities. We have also decided to look into the scroth method and get our son into the physio asap for this. Unfortunately what we have discovered is the public system is very slow and we dont have the time to wait around for appointments as our child is growing and time is of the essence. You didnt mention whether you chose private or public but from our experience we chose private to have things looked at immediately. Public we are still on a waiting list, 9 months already and still nothing. He has grown in height quite a significant amount since the bracing so we are very grateful that we didn't hesitate. It's a hard choice and a devastating result that even after bracing the curve has progressed. Would love to hear what you decide in the end. We have the new brace already and will see where we are after a few months and see what happens from there. Totally feel your pain and can totally understand why you would be thinking it over a little longer.
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