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Default Major change after wearing brace

Hi everyone, I'm new here. My 11yr old daughter was diagnosed last year with scoliosis. She had a 28 degree curve in the lower back and has worn a low profile TLSO brace since June last year. A couple of months ago we went for a check up and there had been no improvement. The brace was pulled tighter and we were told to come back in a month. Last month we went back and xrays showed an improvement down to 19 degrees but unfortunately she has developed a 46 degree curve in her upper spine and now we have to get another brace. She's been told not to wear the brace until the new one is made, but she is now suffering from really bad back pain. She's very sporty - plays netball, touch footy and swims. We are seeing her specialist again in June before we go ahead with another brace. My hubby is hoping that by having some time out of the brace, her back may improve slightly. We have a family history of scoliosis, my sister in law had it in her lower back and wore a brace, and my husband's cousin had it in her upper back and had surgery. We really don't want to go down the surgery route if we can help it.
Has anyone else experienced major changes like this?
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