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Question Adult idiopathic with degenerative changes.

Hi, I'm a 53y/o woman with an approx 40 degree thoracolumbar scoli, convex to the LT with the apex @ T12. In 2006 I had an ALIF @ L3/4 & TDR @ L4/5. In 2008 I had a PLIF @ L5/S1 & Dynesys Stabilisation over the previous TDR, for quite advanced DDD.
Although these surgeries helped stabilise me & keep me going, I now have degenerative changes through most of my thoracic spine, I have SIJ pain and a large central bulge in the L2/3 disc with narrowing of the disc space.
My surgeon and I are now discussing a fusion from T6? including pelvic's the surgery we'd been trying to delay/avoid the last 8 years.

On x rays I'm very stiff and there's little flexibility on flexion/extension.....I'm concerned if I delay surgery my spine will be too rigid and I'll have little correction and an unsatisfactory outcome. What would you consider "the point of no return"? Am I just delaying the inevitable?