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Hi Jane,
Just read your post and the one from Ella. Glad you are doing well in your research (we gain so much knowledge we would prefer not to have!), the internet can both a blessing and a curse when you google! Sometimes a bit overwhelming. I have been so grateful for this forum, you know you are not alone.
Do you have another appointment? That was reassurring to hear from Ella and know you have a great surgeon in Perth if that is the option you choose. It is hard enough to travel in your own state. We were two hours from home for Dom's surgery and that was tough not having family around, motels etc. It can be a bit like preparing for a marathon getting ready for surgery (not that a marathon is ever going to happen here with "Mr Cadbury" on board!)
Yes, my boy is amazing, as are all these kids. They really deserve more support with what they get through.
Hi Ella,
Glad to hear your daughter is doing well. Always such a relief when it is done
Take care
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