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Hi Anette,
Thank you for getting back to me. Unfortunately having private health cover in wa makes no difference to waiting time as we have one surgeon and that is it! How quickly did you get in going private in Sydney? The thought had crossed my mind to go interstate as we are 3 hours from Perth anyway but I worry about the follow up after the surgery. How long was it before your son returned to school? How are things for your son 16 months on from surgery? Did he have posterior or anterior approach and how is his scar? What angle was his curve pre-surgery and post surgery? I need to ask a million questions but this will do for now.
Thanks for your support
Hi Jane,
Ask as many questions as you like, there are so many going around in our heads and hearts at this stage!
That is tough with only one surgeon. We were lucky in that the surgeons who did the surgery privately were the ones we had already seen in the public system so we didn't have to wait as long for an appointment. (Talking to others who are new it can be about four months before you get a consultation) It was probably only a month then we waited about four months until surgery, partly too to have it done in the school holidays to give him a longer recovery time - eight weeks which is longer than some kids have. It was a relief to have the control of picking a date rather than waiting for the phone to ring - that was doing our heads in! He had it done on the 29th November and had no trouble going back to start the next year - his mother was a much different story!
Dom's curve was about 70 degrees for the lower one and a corresponding one at the top. We were incredibly lucky with his surgery that he straightened so well and is only rodded from T11 to L4 with the curve that is left being only about 15degrees - better than much of the general population. His surgery was posterior and his scar is great - a really neat job and I think we have it easier with him being a boy, scars are something to show off!
The hardest thing was the eight months he had to have off sport and we were both overjoyed when he got back to playing tennis. To be "normal" again. Hard to compare how he is to others 16 months post op as he had another major surgery after 12 months. Chest surgery to repair pectus excavatum which was pretty brutal. It is a bit like he has had post traumatic stress as he found it much harder with the physical restrictions this time - just too close to the other surgery. He has always had an amazing attitude but been a little depressed this time. There are possible genetic issues for him to deal with as well. The thing he will tell you he misses the most is just a simple stretch but he has no physical pain or side affects. He still hasn't put the weight back on that he lost with surgery and I haven't lost the weight I gained with the stress! otherwise life is just the same as it was before.
Hope this helps a little
Take care
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