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Default Re: Scott's Vertebral Body Tethering Thread (Fusion Alternative)

Results Of The Surgery:
Scott’s curve was reduced from 63 degrees to 28 degrees post-surgery. You can see his before and after X-Rays here. He woke up one full inch taller. Although it wasn’t reported to us Scott’s mother and I estimate that his rotation was reduced by roughly 50%. This is a picture of his back three days after surgery. For reference this is a picture of Scott in June 2018. His rib hump had become plainly visible even through clothing. We don’t know if this amount of improvement is typical but as a parent it is astonishing and we are grateful that this technology exists. Scott’s X-Rays indicate he is a late bloomer and his spine should grow until sometime after his 18th birthday. The tethers will create extra pressure on one side of his vertebrae which will cause that side to grow relatively slower. This should lead to a progressive correction of the curve. It is also possible that his rotation will continue to improve. After Scott is finished growing the cords shouldn’t need to be removed. However they can be removed if for some reason that becomes necessary. Although the results are extremely encouraging there are no long-term studies on VBT. Less than 1,000 of these procedures have been performed.
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