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Default Re: What do Mum's do?

Hi Kellielaree, my daughter just had surgery inMelbourne a few weeks ago. I stayed at the hospital every night except the first night, when she was in ICU. The hospital gave us a great room, with a sofa bed, which I slept on. I helped with some of her care, but she actually preferred the nurses to help her mostly. I took my favourite herbal tea, and the family kept me supplied with chocolate, and I made use of the cafe, just to have a little walk. My husband and older daughter also got me out for little breaks. One we were home, I stayed home for two. Weeks, the we took it in turns to be home until she went back to school. The worst bit for us was when she transitioned to oral drugs, the was really nauseous for 24 hours, which was when we first got home. However, I rang the hospital, and they were great, very helpful. Now, 9 weeks down the track things are so different! Good luck with it all.
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