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Default Rotated ribs and worried


After experiencing sudden pain in my back I ended up having xrays.

I've been diagnosed with slight cervical kyphosis, although cervical vertebrae and disc spaces appear normal.
Slight mid thoracic scoliosis, although lumber vertebrae are correctly aligned.
And arthritis

My big concern is that I now have rotated ribs. Which the doctors tell me has occured over time. I cant help wondering if i mayhave been exercising incorrectly, as I was doing a lot of torso twisting moves for some months.

Also about a year and a half ago I cracked a rib in a fall and wonder if that was a precurser.

Are the rotated ribs attributed/exascerbated by the scoliosis? They are very painful and I my gp doesn't know. My chiro has been treating me for a couple of weeks and there is only slight improvement. Is surgery a possible consideration? Or should I be patient as this didn't happen overnight and it will take sometime to rectify?