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Default Harrington Rods in for over 20 years

Hi.. I'm new to this forum and have not had contact with a scoliosis specialist for a long time, so really just seeking a general indication from a medical professional about what to expect in the coming years. I'm 35, female, and the Harrington rods were installed when i was 13 up in Brisbane. I was diagnosed at 5 and wore the Milwalkee brace from age 6 until the op.

I've had the rods in for over 20 years now, and to date, i'm still healthy, active and have had virtually no pain or problems except a few nerve damage issues that may or may not be related to my spinal condition - my local GP is calling the tests that have been done 'inconclusive'... (mostly just pins and needles in my extremities, as well as 'dead' numbness on my hands and fingers that come and go throughout the course of the day).

I've read a few forums on other websites and personal stories of others that have had the rods in for a long time period, so i really just want to know what to expect. I am aware that there is arthritis above and below the fixation points that showed up in xrays over 10 years ago.. but no other problems to date.

Also.. i have made a decision to not have children due to not wishing to be responsible for potentially passing my condition onto a child (my husband also has siblings with the condition) and there is a high likelihood of this occuring. I have noticed there are two blood tests that are now possibly available for early detection.. if i was to change my mind and go down that road, what age is appropriate to begin screening and what treatment is now available for very young children if they are found to have this condition?

Thanks in advance