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Hi Jess

I used to go to the gym heaps, for over 30 years (now 48) and quit last year as the pain was outweighing the benefit. Couldn't do any over-head weights/exercises or sit-ups anymore as it would make every nerve in my body pinch. Even swimming hurts as it fights the way my back wants to twist. My doctors still recommend I swim, but I don't. I become a mess after nights of not being able to sleep from the nerves pinching and bones hurting. And I have arthritis now too, to top things off.

So all I do now is walk, I sold my car and bought a bicycle too. It is a bit harder to keep trim though, although I am never overweight as I find even a few extra kg's causes extra back pain. But I just have to be more cautious.

Really miss the exercise though, I use to love a good workout!
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