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Default Re: What can a parent expect?

You sound very similar to me! Someone at school picked up my sons unevenness in nov last year and we were horrified that we hadn't noticed. Straight to gp, X-rays , then specialist appointments. Forum kept me sane while waiting for specialist. We are in WA and travelled to Melbourne for a very rapid surgery time, feb 18.
Lots to tell you about the whole experience really. My son is doing well. He was extremely keen to have surgery because he was old enough to understand the consequences of not having it! That made the journey so much easier. As a parent the guilt is terrible, watching them go through it. As it was he was always just so grateful that I was there for him 24/7 at the beginning. (I couldn't leave him for too long). I slept on a mattress on the floor in the hospital. He gave me the last night off, day8 I think, but didn't sleep well in the hotel anyway!
Going back to school, didn't really happen till 8weeks for us, then only 2 hours max. Then school hols and now full time. We still drive him cos there is a 20 min walk at the other end of the train, school itself he finds exhausting. Next week he will be on the train a couple of times. He uses an overnight suitcase with wheels and friends at school help him with lifting etc. He is getting used to being different without the bag.
So much more to tell you, keep asking questions, it's good therapy for everyone !
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